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    The precision I had been trying to      achieve in the joints lent itself to               the  clean,   geometric look of    the straight lines     and right angles

Almost all the local quarries are offering sawn instead of       split stone now, the opposite of the rugged, primordial          look that I had been featuring all along. It also opened     the door to endless geometric design possibilities


   The sawn stone also makes a perfectly flat patio. This is a multi-point

pattern that could also have hidden images or words incorporated into it


    Thinstone  fireplace  veneer 

011 - Copy.JPG

The light stone faces can be glued directly onto sealed drywall and then tuckpointed, creating the appearance of a century-old fireplace or thick stone wall

001 - Copy.JPG

Stone  Wall  Repair

Raised patio and steps 007_edited.jpg
Stone wall repair 009_edited.jpg

Thirty years of frost and inadequate drainage behind the wall had pushed it forward until it collapsed.  I integrated the new section into the remaining wall at both ends, back on top of the original bottom stones. As a result of a tighter overall weave, the wall lost a few inches in height

Raised patio and steps 012.JPG
Stone wall repair 011.JPG

Old on the left, new on the right....

Raised Patio and Steps  


Raised patio and steps 005.JPG

After building the retaining wall I rounded up dozens of scrap pieces of 3" granite along with the step material.  My idea was to stack them to support the steps of the same thickness

Stone wall repair 002.JPG

My idea proved more difficult than expected, as the stone had not been sawn with perfect consistency. Each piece had to be exactly the same thickness as the step at each level for them to be stable


Removing the  layer of stone dust reveals the true colour of the granite once again

The top step became the 3" thick patio surface. I like my patios to be extra thick and durable.  I used a favourite technique to tighten the flagstones to the point where a sheet of paper may or may not fit between them


The last step had to be far enough back to accommodate the storage door,  so I added a stepstone at the door to compensate without losing precious deck space

Re-stair-ation of concrete steps, before and after


Rudinian Rockworks

Rock solid furniture designs and more by Rudi Stade

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Photography by Rudi Stade


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